Chiropractor Questions and Answers

If you have constant back pain and don’t want to use medication to mask the pain, seeing a chiropractor may help! The doctors at Total Wellness Centre in Claymont, DE will help you get healthy with chiropractic care. For more information, please call us or book an appointment online.

Chiropractor Near Me in Claymont, DE
Chiropractor Near Me in Claymont, DE

Table of Contents:

Do chiropractors prescribe drugs for pain?
What symptoms do chiropractors treat?
How often should you visit the chiropractor?

Chiropractors are the backbone of our spinal health. They can help heal our aching backs, fixing irregularities and readjusting us for optimal back health. Millions of people across the world struggle with back pain, and chiropractors can help them all! From back pain to neck pain and shoulder pain to hip pain, there is almost no ailment that a chiropractor can’t fix!

Do chiropractors prescribe drugs for pain?

Typically, drugs are prescribed as a topical solution for pain, covering up the problem instead of fixing it. Chiropractors get to the root of the problem, healing any irregularities or disfigurements without the need of painkillers. Therefore, chiropractors do not prescribe drugs for pain. Instead, they reduce or completely eliminate pain caused by back issues. Chiropractors are recognized by the government as essential, as they will be referred to by insurance companies for incidents like car accidents and workplace injuries. Our chiropractors at Total Wellness Centre have the ability to help you heal in ways you have only dreamt of! Come in today to start your journey to healing!

What symptoms do chiropractors treat?

Chiropractors treat a whole host of symptoms and pain, including but not limited to:
– Back pain
– Neck pain
– Headaches
– Shoulder pain
– Carpal tunnel syndrome
– Hip pain
– Knee pain
– Sciatica
– Arthritis
– Neuropathy
– Sports injuries
– Disc injuries
– Tennis elbow
– Fibromyalgia
– Plantar fasciitis
– Scoliosis
– Pinched nerves
– Back care during pregnancy and auto accidents
In other words, chiropractors can heal almost everything! Amazingly, adjustments to the lower back can also help with constipation.

How often should you visit the chiropractor?

The goal of chiropractic treatment is to help correct structural alignment and improve the physical function of the body. How often you have a chiropractic adjustment depends on how serious your condition is, and your chiropractor’s treatment plan. You and your chiropractor need to determine what is the right frequency of appointments for you until you are healed.

A chiropractor will not always be able to tell you how long your condition will take to heal because no one can predict how a patient will respond to treatment. Your treatment should be assessed every 3-6 weeks to determine if you need more or fewer visits.

When you first start your chiropractic treatment, you may want to see your doctor for multiple appointments per week. Within the first 1-4 weeks of treatment, a patient will start to feel much better. If you have a minor problem, the condition may be reduced in this time period significantly and the frequency of your visits to your chiropractor can now be reduced.

Patients with more serious conditions will need to visit their chiropractor up to 12 times in a 3-4 month period. This does seem like a lot and it can be difficult to squeeze into your already busy schedule, but to see results quickly, you need to commit to these visits. If your pain persists after the first 4 weeks, let your chiropractor know so he or she can adjust your treatment plan and the frequency of your visits accordingly. For those patients that are seeking chiropractic adjustments to maintain their health and use it as a precautionary method, once every few weeks is enough. It is common for people to get adjusted once every few weeks even once they have healed from their condition.

If you or someone you know is struggling with back pain, come to Total Wellness Centre, where our experienced chiropractors can help you enjoy life again! Contact our office today to speak with a specialist. To schedule an appointment, call us or visit us online! We serve patients from Claymont DE, Wilmington DE, New Castle DE, Greenville DE, Centerville DE, Elsmere DE, Hockessin DE, Chadds Ford PA, Garnet Valley PA, and Kennett Square PA.