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Shoulder Pain Specialist Q&A

If you are experiencing any type of shoulder pain whether it be achy, dull, or sharp if it occurred from an injury or has just appeared on its own, contact our clinic, Total Wellness today for treatment from one of our specialists. We are conveniently located at 1400 Society Drive Suite# 1404 Claymont, DE 19703. For more information, please call us or request an appointment online.

Shoulder Pain Specialist Near Me in Claymont, DE
Shoulder Pain Specialist Near Me in Claymont, DE

Table of Contents:

When should you see a doctor for shoulder pain? 
What can cause shoulder pain without injury? 
Why does my shoulder hurt when I lift up my arm?
What is the most common shoulder pain?

When should you see a doctor for shoulder pain? 

You should visit Total Wellness Chiropractic and Integrative Medicine if you experience any shoulder pain that has side effects of swelling, tenderness, or any warmth located around the joint and redness. In between your sessions with one of our shoulder pain specialists, you can use over-the-counter pain relievers, ice it on and off to help with swelling, and get plenty of rest.
Shoulder pain can be just that, a pain. It can cause you to not be able to continue to do the things you love, work, or even pick up your child(ren)/grandchild(ren). If you are dealing with shoulder pain, and it is accompanied by difficulty breathing or you start to notice a sense of tightness occurring in the chest, this could be a symptom that accompanies a heart attack and will require immediate medical attention.
Have someone take you to local urgent care or emergency room if you experience shoulder pain due to an injury but is accompanied by any joint that appears to be deformed, an inability to use the specific joint to move the arm away from your body, notice any intense swelling and pain occurring.

What can cause shoulder pain without injury? 

While many times, shoulder pain often occurs due to an injury to or near the area; however, shoulder pain can also occur even if an injury was never sustained. If you notice shoulder pain that is dull and/or achy, sharp, and/or severe, it could be several issues that may have caused it to occur, it’s often not due to an injury if you notice these symptoms:

– Swelling
– Warmth surrounding the joint
– Tenderness
– Shoulder becoming stiff
– Redness
– Inability to be able to move the arm
– Weakness
– The joint appears to be deformed
– Any arm or hand numbness or weakness
Some of the common causes of shoulder pain that can occur that are not due to a shoulder injury include:
– Osteoarthritis
– Rheumatoid arthritis
– Thoracic outlet syndrome
– Cervical nerve root impingement
– Frozen shoulder
– Heart attack
– Inflammation surrounding the heart
– Reduced blood flow to and from the heart
– Pneumonia
– Gallstones
– Pancreatitis
– Pelvic issues
– Shingles
– Paget’s disease
– Thoracic outlet syndrome
– Gas due to laparoscopic abdominal surgery

Why does my shoulder hurt when I lift up my arm?

You can have shoulder pain occur when you lift your arm due to a number of reasons, the main reason that you may have shoulder pain when you lift up your arm is called shoulder impingement. Shoulder impingement is quite common for individuals experiencing shoulder pain, this is when the band of tissue which is called a tendon inside the shoulder begins to rub or catch on nearby tissue and bone as you lift your arm up.
This quite commonly affects the rotator cuff tendon; this tendon is the rubbery tissue that connects the muscles around the shoulder joint to the top of the arm. An impinging shoulder quite often improves over a few weeks or months, even faster with the right type of shoulder exercises and help from a professional. Occasionally, shoulder impingement can turn into an ongoing problem; if so, it is particularly important to seek out a medical professional like ours at Total Wellness Chiropractic and Integrative Medicine.

What is the most common shoulder pain?

The most common shoulder pain is known as rotator cuff tendinitis, this is when the rotator cuff tendons become trapped underneath the bony area located in the shoulder. These tendons tend to become quite inflamed or even damaged.
Other common shoulder pain causes include:

– Arthritis located in the shoulder joint
– Bone spurs which happen in the shoulder area
– Broken shoulder bone
– Shoulder dislocation
– Separated shoulder
– Frozen shoulder
– Overuse of the shoulder when you have an injury in the nearby tendons
– Rotator cuff tendon tears
– Poor shoulder posture

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